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Knock Out (Imperial) Stout Transferred
We transferred the Knock Out Stout from the primary fermenters to the secondary fermenters last night. It is going to turn out very nice. It had a bit of a grassy flavor when we brewed it, but that flavor is no longer in it. We decided to cancel our December brewing session, since we both have full kegerators and have two more kegs on the way. Our next session is currently scheduled for Jan 12th.
There is plenty of IPA left (and we can't tap the stout until it is gone), so give one of us a call so you can stop by and get yours.
Knock Out (Imperial) Stout Brewed
Marc and I brewed again last weekend (the 17th. We brewed our Knock Out (Imperial) Stout. It was the most requested and will be a nice beer for the colder winder days ahead.
The last of the maple porter ran out when we were brewing, but there is still lots of IPA left. Let one of us know when you want to stop by to get some.
The Big Sieradski IPA Kegged and Tapped
We kegged and tapped the Big Sieradski this past weekend. One growler gone so far (and a few glasses). It turned out very nice. Be sure to stop by and get some.
The Big Sieradski IPA Transferred
We transferred the Big Sieradski IPA from the primary fermenters to the secondary fermenters tonight. This is a bit sooner than when we normally transfer to secondary fermenters. The beer was a bit raw, but it is going to turn out very nice. We are still planning to keg it by November 9th.
Just another reminder, Marc still has the maple porter, so if you want some before it's gone get in touch with him soon.
Second Brew Session - The Big Sieradski IPA Brewed
Marc and I had our second brew session for Family & Friends yesterday. We brewed our Big Sieradski IPA, since our it was the most requested style in the past few weeks. We are hoping to put it on a bit of a faster schedule and have it ready to keg by November 9th.
For those of you who still have not tried (or want more of) the maple porter get in touch with Marc to arrange a pick up time.
(nameless) Maple Porter Tapped
The Maple Porter was tapped yesterday, and two growlers are already gone. One response was "We LOVE the beer!" so, I guess we can call the first effort a success... besides still not having a name of course. There is still eight growlers left in my keg, so be sure to stop by.
(nameless) Maple Porter Kegged
We kegged the Maple Porter tonight. As I mentioned in the previous post, we always try them during transfers to get an idea of how they turned out--the Maple Porter is a great beer. It will be ready on Saturday. I think you all are really going to enjoy it.
(still nameless) Maple Porter Transferred
We transferred the Maple Porter from the primary fermenters to the secondary fermenters tonight. When making transfers we always try them to get an idea of how they will turn out. The Maple Porter is going to be a great beer. The hops are a little more subtle this time, making the maple flavor stand out a bit more. I think you are all going to enjoy it. Should be ready in a couple weeks.
First Brewing Session for Family & Friends
Emails went out asking for suggestions on what to brew without many responses. One of them that we did get asked for our Maple Porter. We decided it would be a great beer to start off with, since it is always well received. Today Marc and I brewed our first beer for Family & Friends. It should be ready in 3-4 weeks.
Thanks to Chris for getting this all started.