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Rainy Day Winter Rye Ale and Blacked Out & Bitter Kegged
We kegged the Blacked Out & Bitter and the rye last night. The rye is quite light in color, but has great flavor. I am still not sure what happened, but I think I must have not milled some of the grain.
Our first brew session for 2009 will be on Saturday. We went to the brew store to get yeast and the speciality grains last night, and I just got done milling the grain a few minutes ago.
Knock Out Imperial Stout and nameless Extra Pale Ale Kegged
Rainy Day Winter Rye Ale and Blacked Out & Bitter Brewed
Our last session for 2008 was on December 6th. Marc started work on his basement, so it was the first session to brewed over at my house. We brewed Blacked Out & Bitter and the rye. They were transferred on the 17th. We forgot to add the hops for drying hopping to Blacked Out & Bitter, so I added them today. The starting gravity for the rye was really low, and the best thing I can come up with is that I forgot to mill 3-4 pounds of 2-row. It still is a good beer, it is just a bit lighter than we normal brew.
Right now I have the imperial stout and the EPA on tap. We kegged them back in November on the 20th. I think they are both pretty close to running out. We are trying to find a day in January to have our first brew session for 2009.
Happy New Year! (... and a Short Recap of 2008)
The new year is here! 2008 was our best year yet. We brewed more beer than any other year, and introduced three new beers: Sol-toberfest, the Belgian Black Ale and the Extra Pale Ale. We brewed every month except June, September and November.